What is Crowd-Funding

Online Fund Raising India

What is Start51?

Start51.com offer new creative fund platform to transform unique ideas into reality. The crowd-funding platform runs with an aim of offering direct financial support from contributors. This is an initiative to support projects from all industry verticals that meet our project guidelines.

It is a platform and a resource that follows all-or-nothing funding policy, in which projects must reach their funding goals to receive any financial aid. Providing a new way to crowd-fund projects, the organization adds life to creative projects and ideas.

Project Creators & Contributors

People from different domains like film making, music, designing and many other can register in start51.com and can start a project. Every project will be created independently with targeted amount be raised. Having complete control over the project, creator needs to set a funding goal and deadline for the venture. For every interesting and valuable project, contributors fund a particular amount to make it real. All the funding activities are followed by all-or-nothing policy.

Our Mission

The purpose of funding is precise and transparent for both, creators and contributors. Our mission is simple –'to help getting funds to the people having innovative ideas to transform them into reality' and on the other hand, to ensure the contributors that their funds are in right hand. Both givers and seekers are assured that the money has been spent to serve the community better through a project.