Refund Policy

  • On Start51 a project is said to be successful only if it reaches monetary target in 51 days.  If the target is not achieved, all the contribution collected will be returned to the contributors within two days or maximum two weeks.
  • The contributions of the unsuccessful project will get back the full amount contributed.
  • The refund will be in the same mode of payment by which the contributions had been made.   If there is a problem in the stated mode of payment, Start51 will issue a cheque and this right is reserved by Start51.
  • Once the contribution has been made, the contributor cannot ask for refund, as this will affect the success of the project or otherwise.
  • We request all contributors, supporters and members to question the ability and to do a background check of the project creator before making any contribution.  The project creators are your friends and family members who have come to ask for support.  Thus Start51 is not legally liable to refund the contribution in case there is a delay or default in providing the rewards as mentioned.
  • The payment gateway charges and bank transaction charges will be borne by Start51, in case there is a refund being given to its contributors of unsuccessful projects.