by: Maulin Rameshbhai Patel

Launched Date on: 24-06-15

Funding Ends: 10-09-15

Swift on is a home automation product, using which u can control all of your home appliances with a Remote Conrol.

About Project

  • Using Swift on User can turn on/off & control the all home appliances using RF(Radio frequency) remote.
  • This product demonstrates a simple home automation system that allows the user to control it with a wireless device such as a RF Remote. User can turn ON/OFF the all lights & fans & all home appliances using the remote control.
  • There is no need to go near the switchboard & put the switches on/off manually, one can turn it on/off using remote control. User can also speed up & down of the fan.
  • This system allows the user to control all of the appliances individually by RF Remote without affecting any obstacles in a range. Range of this product is 70meter. It could measure the ambient light using a LDR sensor and turn on the lights when it grows dark & turn off lights when darkness vanishes.
  • It can also allow a person to control appliances from a remote location by using GSM module & technology.
  • When user will SMS from phone, Appliance will turn on automatically & could also turn off using SMS.
  • For example, one could turn on the air conditioning from theoffice, before leaving from home. We believe that
  • The homeof the future will have the capability of being completely controlled by some remote device.
  • In future scope, user will control all the appliances with a smartphone.

Risks and challenges

Risk:- similar product found at same rate.


  • ??Power Fluctuation
  • Reducing cost/unit
  • Frequency overmatch


Is it IR based or RF ?
This product is RF based
What is the range of this product ?
The range of this product is 70 meter.
It is applicable for the houses that are already exist ?
Yes, this device is applicable for the existed houses.
Any changes required in Construction ?
No, there is no need to do any changes to fix this device