StudentDesk book exchange portal

by: Karan Pujara

Launched Date on: 07-07-14

Funding Ends: 27-09-14 is platform where readers can buy, sell, exchange, rent or donate their any reading material like books and magazines

About Project

Our Story

story behind This idea basically originated along with my life in hostel. I always prefer to buy used books for my academics as I can get it at more economic rates and I belong to middle class family so paying for new book is always last option for me but sometime it is difficult to find used books so we have to ended up buying new one. One other reason students always prefer used books is because it always help them to read main topics which are more important for exam purpose because of underline and tick marks done by seniors.

I have seen people regularly exchange books,magazines and various other materials during their life in hostel so that they don't have to pay for library subscriptions or to buy new book. I always wanted to do something that can alter the existing practices. I believe, why to chase other things when this was the problem faced by me and many students are still facing which needed to be fixed in the first place which gave me an idea of developing a portal which helps the readers and facilitates them with easy and free exchange of books, magazines and study material.

What problem we are solving?

1) Read novels for free, no need to pay for library subsciptions.

2) Sell your used books within your city/institute.

3) No need to pay for new magazines. Exchange your magazines with other users and read different magazines for free.

4) Share your study notes with each other.

In case of text books, every time when any student wants to buy a book their first thought would be why not first look at library?

If not, second thought would be why we shouldn’t opt for used books!!! if there is same content in new book, and due to lack of availability of used books, we end up buying new books, making it heavy on our pocket.

Are you also facing the same problem? If yes then, we are here to sort it out.

You’ll find the books you want, that too from your college or might be area. A speciaaly added feature for you.. LOCATION based tracking of books.

If you have a fashion magazine not really worth for you, might be a helpful tool for a fashion designer; who might be busy with the hectic schedules. One can’t subscribe many magazines at times. So we, here provide you a facility to exchange the magazines at

You also can’t get best notes for almost every subject in each & every semester. Also you are not able to reach a highly qualified faculty for guidance and material for the subject you are weak at. We help those students to contact the institutes/classes/experts of each & every field and get the best out of the best.

All of us have a novel that lies on a shelf covered with dust. Instead of that , now you have an option of getting another novel by exchanging your novel with someone who is willing to read it . So, now you have a chance to read endlessly just at your fingertips.

Education is the need for sustainability.

Many children are present in today’s society who want to study but can’t due to the lack of money and unavailability of books . Now you have a chance to change the future of many a needy children by donating and there by contributing for a better India . a special donation option for all those who believe in creating a change.

Why am I Crowdfunding?

We want to build large community of readers by reaching to all libraries and school/colleges so that readers will have wide range of books available.Very soon we are coming up with mobile application of studentdesk for different platform. We need your feedback, reviews for our product so that we can improove it more and make book exchange very easy for readers.

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Risks and challenges

We are not responcible for any kind of damage to the book done by end user while exchang book with each other.

We are not liable for any kind of delay for returning the book, it will toatally upto the user.


Will you provide delivery of book ?
No, it should be done by buyers/sellers itself