Sign Speaks

by: Kinjal Chaudhari

Launched Date on: 07-07-14

Funding Ends: 06-10-14

An interpreting app between verbal and Indian sign languages that helps communicating among people with and without knowledge of signs.

About Project

There have been many verbal languages to talk in, and if one does not know any, Google Translate is always there to help translating the same. But how can we have translations between verbal and sign languages?

This mobile app has combination of verbal and Indian sign language such that by choosing what to say, one can express him/herself without knowing another language. This makes communications possible for hearing and speaking impaired in their own sign language. Also this app keeps together the verbal language that anyone else can understand without knowing the signs.

  • SignSpeaks is an Android app that is useful for interacting without knowing sign language.
  • It is an interpreting app; a combination of verbal language as audio, Indian sign language as video and text.
  • This app is an extension of “Opened Porthole for Differently-Abled”, which was awarded by Shri Dewang Mehta IT Awards - 2013.

  • How does it work?
    • Download this app and install it.
    • Read the text and play its video.
    • It has audio to hear the words, video to understand the signs and text too.
    • Different signs for various situations; click it, communicate with it.

  • One can get online and download other signs too.

  • Product Usability:
    • For communicating without knowing sign language
    • For interacting with those who do not know sign language

  • Advantages:
    • Emergency situations can be easily handled.
    • It would make one feel independent.
    • Indian sign language can be learnt too!

  • Where will your contribution be used?
    The amount that I had received for "Opened Porthole for Differently-Abled" is being used in learning higher technologies to develop more user-friendly system. The next target is to reach those who have been working for the same. A team is required for further progress and improvement of SignSpeaks. This is where your contribution would be

  • Rewards:
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      We love to shout out for your contribution!

      It satisfies us while letting the world know how beautiful our contributors are! Your every single contribution is bliss to our motto and we take this pride by shouting out your support on the social media.

    • Contribute 99.00 or more
      Your name impressed on our official website. Welcome to the group!

      Our website feels great to have names of our esteem contributors. Your encouragement in further developing this app is always welcomed and we have a special space for you on our website. We wish to say, Welcome to the Group!

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      A perfect badge with lovely wrist band to declare your support.

      A badge and a wrist band to carry out anywhere you go! This shows up how you stand by us and now you too are a significant part of our project. And of course our shout out and contributors’ list are waiting for you!

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    • Contribute 2000.00 or more
      Wall clock to decor your place with the flavor of Sign Language.

      The digits shown up in English or Roman are now too common; let’s try out something else! A wall clock with Indian Sign Language to represent the digits in and to decor your place with a royal look is what we give you for the pledge of your support. Also the badge to stand with proud and a lovely band to wear in your wrist! Definitely your name on our contributors’ list and our shout out on social media are on the way!

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      Your very personalized app.

      You’re standing by our side means we’re gradually improving! We love to send you your personalized app: SignSpeaks app with your own name through all its pages! We would be honoured to provide such an app to you with an ability to share it amongst others. This will bring the Jumbo Bag of Goodies to your doorstep too! (Jumbo Bag of Goodies: 1 Locate, 4 Badges, 4 Bands, 3 Keychains, Stickers, 3 T-shirts, 2 Wall clocks)

Risks and challenges

  • Memory consumption would be high for more signs.
  • This app needs to be developed for other operating systems than Android, which is our next target.
  • If a physical instrument would be developed for automatic sign capturing, one would need to purchase it and keep it with him/her.


Do we need an Internet connection while using this app ?
No. Initial built-in signs will be provided and one can use it offline.