by: Dhruv Patel

Launched Date on: 24-06-15

Funding Ends: 10-09-15

PridePick is basically local online directory company.PridePick provide information of local business.

About Project

Pridepick is provide information about online business information.

We are providing a information like contact details & also nevigate on maps.

Currently we are providing details via Website, Callcenter & Sms.

we provides details about doctor, eduction &Hotels In future we will add more categry

Risks and challenges

Risk :

  1. Sometimes people don’t accept new concepts.
  2. In beginning not get valued clients.

Challenges :

  1. Some provides a fake contact details.
  2. Make Filtarization easy.
  3. Provide perfect information for their search.


1.How can you access website ?
There are three ways to access a pridepickA.Enter city and category name and you get the resultB.Enter store name or you get information C.Enter product name which your want to search and you will get all sellers who is sell that product in are