by: Chintan Panchal

Launched Date on: 10-06-15

Funding Ends: 10-09-15

This OIL MAKER avails people to get PURE & HEALTHY cooking oil from different kind of oil seeds at their home.

About Project

The oil maker helps people to get PURE cooking oil at HOME at their convenience.

This oil has all natural nutrition, flavor and aroma.

The refining process removes some nutrition from oil necessary for good health.

Many HEALTH conscious people ask for natural filtered oil rather than refined oil.

So we made a prototype of oil maker as our Final Year-Mechanical Engineering project.

If people can abstract pure cooking oil at home by themselves, they will become sure about oil purity and would not have to go to market to buy the same.

Our concept is to avail people with fully automatic, compact, portable machine which produces oil from all kind of oilseeds.

Risks and challenges


The big oil maker companies may not support our kind of product.

Purity of oil depends on seed quality available in market.


To bring efficiency from 15% to 40%

Weight and size reduction

To design oil maker for all kind of oil seeds


Oil production rate per hour ?
500 gms./hour