Make India

by: Utkarsh Patel

Launched Date on: 09-07-14

Funding Ends: 29-08-14

Make India is an initiative by students to help students .We emphasize on STEM Education.We make education fun by learning by making.

About Project

We want to establish the culture and environment of Science Technology Engineering and Mathamatics(STEM) Education in India.

We emphasize on making model of different principles/concepts of STEM and demonstrating the same to the child.

We want the culture of Learning By Making in India.

We have faced all those problems,so we want that in future children of india must not face this anyway.So we make models on ourselves first then go to the villages and give them what we have learned.

So we have already done 5 workshops in different schools and we were also invited by other schools.

It was a great pleasure for us and the children.

We want to make those models by children themselves. If they will not do on their own than they couldn't understand well.

Because Making is far better than memorising. We want to bring that change in Environment. Our motto is Learning by Making.

So if you donate us we will bring that environment,that will change child's future.

Everyone talks about a need of change in present Education system in India. Why doesn't anyone work for changing this...If you have the fire and interest to change, we are here to work with you. We want your support to introduce Activity based Learning to present curriculum for each and every standard. We want to introduce Making and Designing for each and every principle that our students study.

Indian Institute of Management(IIMA) is official Partner to this Project. Through them we have access to 35,000 schools all over Gujarat. We are going to outreach with this Making and Designing activities to Village and Tribal School first of all.

We’re free, but love don’t pay the bills! Join this movement to share a dime, a dollar, or a million bucks…whatever fits your budget helps our budget to spread this message of creative education! We even have rewards for all

Students from all colleges, all domains are invited to join this movement and get a change to win certificates and awards from IIMA.

This movement is purely initiated by Professors and students from various colleges. So, we assure you no one is going to get salary out of your Donation as we have no one to pay. Your help to us will be directly piped to the workshops+kits in the village schools.

We have done 5 workshops in detroj already.

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Risks and challenges

As you all know that India is the growing country. So Education and Learning part of each and every child is the most important thing for us. So If This Youth(Biggest youth in the world) wastes precious time of learning in teaching then we are risking the future of Our INDIA.

Biggest challenge for us is to Make India by Making.

We are having challenges with the tinkering and making part of the child in Our India.