by: Easy charge

Launched Date on: 10-06-15

Funding Ends: 30-08-15

Charging cell phone using near by energies with compact mechanism including solar charging, wind, Electricity and turbine.

About Project

The present Easycharger includes a dynamo, solar panels

gear box, handle and electrical voltage regulating circuit, rechargeable battery and charger body. Power is generated by the wind energy with the help of small fan.

mechanical energy with the help of handle, dynamo converts into electrical energy which is used to charge a cell phone and rechargeable battery. Finally the gadget is charged by different energies like electrical energy, wind energy, solar energy, storage electrical energy and mechanical energy at anywhere, anytime.

Risks and challenges

Risk:Output variation due to environment

Challlenges: to provide product within delivery periods To make more compact and user friendly.


what is Delivery time ?
4 month