Anyone Can Draw Circuit ACDC

by: Nandan Shah

Launched Date on: 23-12-14

Funding Ends: 27-03-15

Paint your own circuit and design in your way easily with the help of this DIY(do it yourself) kit.

About Project


The name "ACDC" denotes "Anyone can draw circuit". The idea came from the PCB making, while we were working on our invention like, circuit making of keyboard.So, we thought that why should not we can make our own conductive INK, then we create our own conductive INK which is DIY(do it yourself) and it is cost efficient.

We reaserched long on this thing, we have attampted more then 152 attempts unfortunately we got unsucceded. But finnaly at 153rd attempt we made this DIY conductive INK.

What problems are there in current system?

  • Too much cost.
  • neccesity to create speacific file.
  • Skilled person required , and it is time consuming process.
  • PCBs are not flexible.

What problem we are solving?

  • Anyone Can Draw Circuit, there is no requirement of skilled person.
  • Error can be solved, No need to solder the components just place it.
  • You can make flexible circuit.
  • You can make circuit or design anywhere.

Why am I crowd-funding?

We want to convert this DIY kit into a marker pen, so circuit making becomes as easy as possible. And our goal is that each person who want to make creative things should use this kit.

"Very soon we are coming with a new type of technology. We need your support."

"Share this, Support this, Fund this."

We are innovators. We have got featured by Times Of India, and Local news paper Naya Padkar.

Media covrages by TV9 and ETV.

Patent filling letters.



Primary kit

Complete kit


Cool Jacket


Risks and challenges

we will try our best at service stage.


Shipping is free ?
Yes shipping is free.