by: Rajdeep Singh Barad

Launched Date on: 24-06-15

Funding Ends: 15-09-15

We are developing a project that will work as a common platform between Game developers , Gammers and Game development companies.

About Project

Our Story:

This Idea of creating such a social media Hub came last year when i was developing a simple game at home. I was good at programming and that helped me

learn the development phase somewhat fastly and soon all of the required scripts where ready from my side.
It just took me 20 days (I was noob at that point) to get the whole system and code ready but i was lacking one of the important thing and that was 3d Models and UI i was not at all good at that!!
I tried and wasted a lots of time but this was just not my kinda works.
Then i had to ask for the help from my partner for models and UI she was good at it and made them really fast.
Then we realized that its really hard for any one to make game alone he surely needs help,support and resources to make Games and that what gave birth to Agonmmers!!


What Problem We are Solving?

1. Developers Were not able to make Games Alone Easily.
2. Companies are findong it hard to get Talented Developers inside India.
3. 85% of Indian game developers are Going Aboard
4. Ideas that gamers have for Games are much more effective and should be Implemented!

Why am I Crowdfunding?

We are building a large community of Gamers and game developers by reaching to them in every schoold and Institudes possible. We are making a platform were ideas of each Gamer will be changed to Real games which will give developers some nice work and will satisfy the needs of the Gamers.

Risks and challenges

1. Single developer will not easily be able to compete with Big Companies.


What Does Agonmmers Mean ?
Agon is a Greek word meaning Game. And the Term Mmers has been derived from Programmers. So we are making a Platform that will join Gamers to the Game Programmers giving jobs to Developers and games to Gamers!
What Does Agonmmers Serve ?
Agonmmers gives a chance for developers to find some really nice work online and Gamers to get there Ideas turned Into Games.
How will Developers be paid ?
Developers will be paid for every game development they do here. If its for some user or company then it would be a fix amount, if its some group up Idea then they would be paid the revenue each month.
Can i Sell Game of My Ideas ?
Yes , all of the rights of the game developed for your Idea would be yours once u pay. You can sell or use it any way you Like!