Ability on Wheels First Driving School for Specially Abled

by: Harish Kumar

Launched Date on: 04-04-15

Funding Ends: 25-05-15

ABILITY ON WHEELS is an effort to encourage specially abled people towards leading a normal life by being able to drive on their own

About Project

The common belief is that people with disability are not of equal value as normal human beings & that they cannot make a significant contribution to the society. They are treated as “LESS ABLED” rather than “DIFFERENTLY ABLED." Many specially abled people have stood up to this injustice & proved to the world that they are NO LESS Abled.

Still a lot needs to be done to encourage more & more people to rise & prove their mettle

Specially Abled people do face lots of challenges & hurdles in mobility. There's no driving school for them, there are no wheel chair accessible vehicles & our public transport system is also not disability friendly. Since I have myself faced & experienced these hurdles I decided to work on this cause & be a contributor to the society.

Ability on Wheels is working to change this perception & is supporting in providing greater mobility to specially abled people by establishing the first ever motor driving school exclusively for the physically challenged. This driving school will use customised cars to impart driving training to people with disability in right leg, left leg, both legs, left arm & right arm.

This driving school will inspire, engage, motivate & support the specially abled people to lead a normal life by being able to drive on their own.

This will lead to a new Skill Development, increased confidence, rise in self esteem, better employment opportunities & above all a big step towards leading a normal life

For more information about our initiative visit us on www.abilityonwheels.org

Some Exciting Rewards for your contributions:

Risks and challenges

A big challenge is to change the perception of the people that physically challenged people cannot drive.

Biggest Challenge would be to convert this beginning of an initiative to a mass movement by setting up more such driving schools in other parts of the country & making a big difference in lives of at least a million specially abled people in the near future.

Risk factor perceived as of now is that it may take a little longer time for the driving school to get a very big response.


What will be the biggest benefit of this driving school ?
Specially abled people have to first buy a car, get it modified & then they are given a learner's License. With this driving school they will get the opportunity to first learn driving & then decide on buying a vehicle