Celebrate Daughters

by: Vivek Goyal

Launched Date on: 05-11-14

Funding Ends: 26-12-14

It is an initiative to change Society outlook towards Girl Child by Celebrating Daughters around us.

About Project

Our Story

Daily news on Girl Child abuse, Eve teasing, decreasing child sex Ratio etc really upsets me. It continuously bothers me to see gender discrimination around us in our society. At one hand during Nav- Durga celebration we invite our beloved daughters for a grand feast and worship them as avatar of Goddess Durga and on the other hand we read another headline in newspaper “Jinda Beti ko Khet mein dafna diya”.

Living in this Dilemma, one day I came across an Exhibtion “Bitiya Ki Chithiya” exhibited at Bhopal Madhya Pradesh. This exhibition has sowed seed of hope inside me. This is a beautiful & proud Journey of around 60- 70 posters Celebrating Daughters and showing Importance of Girl Child. Further I have learnt that exhibition is being viewed by more than 2000 visitors and have received appreciation from government,local administration, leading Newspapers and Magnizes as well. It broadened up my outlook & respect towards Girl child.

The Idea and why crowd funding

We believe that idea of respecting woman and treat her with justice and equality has to be seeded in society as part of one’s moral and one of the keys to change an entire society’s thought process is through the literature they read.

Taking an inspiration from the exhibition we came up with an idea of celebrating daughters around us every day. We decided to spread the message depicted in the exhibition to the reach of Society.

The Celebration should not last for a day or two. It should sustain for a longer time. Thereby we thought to plan a calendar for year 2015. The idea is to initially Visit Nursing homes and present it to those parents who are just blessed with a Girl Child and secondly to visit those places across India where awareness is mostly required and distributes this Calendar.

We need your help to generate fund to publish & Distribute these calendar and participate in this noble cause.

Corporates & NGO's can play a vital role by distributing this Social Message to massess. The footer of the calendar will bear Organization message.


Changing the social outlook towards Girl Child by creating awareness

Bring out positivity and respect towards God’s most precious Gift Daughter.

Celebrate daughters around us and in our live.

Exhibtion (Press Coverage)

Free Press Coverage :

India Today Coverage :

India Today Coverage

"Honerable Chief Minister Shivraj Singh's Note on Exhibition :

In this exhibition by Anil Goyal, the importance of daughter is depicted in form of Poem and Posters which is wonderful. After seeing this, there is no need of any speech or any other program, this exhibition speaks everything. For the message "If there is daughter there is tomorrow" no other program is more effective then this exhibtion. Congrats Anil Ji

Thanks - Shivraj Singh Chauhan"


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It satisfies us while letting the world know how beautiful our contributors are! Your every single contribution is bliss to our motto and we take this pride by shouting out your support on the social media.

Contribute 101.00 or more

Post Card with Thanks Message (Printed on Back Side) for contributing on this cause and Poem printed on Front side.

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This Beautiful Calendar will be gifted to you with thanks Message at the Footer of Calendar.

Contribute 1501.00 or more

Author’s awesome Poem Book along with this beautiful Calendar will be Gifted to you.

Contribute 5001.00 or more

A Poem Poster of your daughter on an Forex sheet along with this Beautiful Calendar. Poem will be taken from the Author Book.


Contribute 10001.00 or more

Special Rewards for Corporates & NGO's. A set of 100 Calendars along with your message printed on it will be sent to you for distribution to your friends, clients and employees.



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