Cut Shots Book

by: Vinay Panjwani

Launched Date on: 21-08-13

Funding Ends: 22-10-13

Cut-Shots is a coffee-table photography book inspired by the life of Barbers to witness & experience moments of emotions & expressions.

About Project

It was after my first photo documentary on festivities (Utsav), that I was constantly on a look out for a character which touched every human life. I was in search of the character which was not yet recognised or highlighted. It kept knocking my brains often until it suddenly struck me that of a “barber”! There is something about the snipping of scissors as they deftly move in hands to appease one’s vanity. In the world of barbers, one can witness and experience moments of emotions and expressions. I captured them through my eyes, and lens, travelling to nooks and corners of our country, tracing enriching, diverse tales. In my photographs, one can witness the various facets of life celebrating the world of barbers - be it portraying their exquisite skills at family events, religious occasions and beliefs or even the hairstylists who help you get We need barbers in moments of happiness, sadness, for vanity, religious events and what not. Yet, a barber has never been highlighted as an integral part of our I have set up my mind on this subject and I tried a few shots in the city. Initially,there were conundrums in my mind - how would I manage a variety of shots when I only got the usual man looking into the mirror scenario in the cities. Oneday, a poster showing “Billu Barber” attracted me. I shot this barber for hours together. It was then I knew that, all I had to do was to travel and search for new situations and find these people.

I traversed across various states from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, and so on, in search of barbers, to witness something I never saw before in my life. It was a time when I realised that hair cuts were done for reasons which were beyond my imagination. This came from what I witnessed when a woman cried when she was offering her hair to Lord Muruga. I froze. It was an emotional moment. For many people, hair cut is just another thing, but here I witnessed the emotional aspects of hair cut. Was she crying out of happiness or sadness? May be, she felt that by offering her hair, she could please the Lord.When I visited posh salons, I witnessed something different - vanity and how important it is for our lives. People were running around, expecting great service for the colossal amounts they were spending. Here, again I shot various The most extraordinary experience here was an opportunity to shoot a world record at Gillette World Shaving Record. More than 1800 people sat together.There was chaos, with the mercury levels soaring up.


Fashion shows in cities, cutting camel hair in Pushkar, children being tonsured in the backdrop of Taj Mahal, a woman shedding tears while her hair is being shaved, a son giving hair for his father, a live DJ in a salon in Bangalore; it was interesting to see the hand skills of the barbers in different places. Right from making a customer sit on plush seats to making them sit on a brick, I witnessed it all in my journey in search of barbers. Each story is distinct in its varied geographical set-up, culture and class. The reasons and emotions behind these stories are different as well - religion, celebration or defining moments of one’s life. It has been a long journey for over two years- endless hours of clicking defining moments, walking through the busy road side streets that bustled with activity to the glitz and glamour of leading fashion shows, watching barbers and hair stylists chopping, pruning, styling with great vigour and pace. These captured moments will bring to life the snap shots of people and their stories.


Risks and challenges

First and formost to give you a complete package of emotions and beauty inspired by the life of Barbers, I will have to shoot and capture some more unique monents which will not only take time but also required me to be at right place at the right time.

As i am not going through a typical publication house to get my book to life, the designing and printing of a square Coffee-Table photography book in offset is going to be a new learning curve for me too.


How will the funds be used ?
The funds will be spent in the Following manner. 60% of the funds will be used up in the offset printing of a square 80 -100 page premium quality printing on art paper quality. 30 % of funds will be used for hiring professional photo book editors.