Support Indian International Wushu Fighter

by: Amandeep Singh Gotra

Launched Date on: 10-06-15

Funding Ends: 01-08-15

An 18 year old young Sikh boy is first from gujarat to represent India in 8th Georgia International wushu championship.Make India proud

About Project

Certain facts about Amandeep and his achievement.

  • Needs about 2 lakh as participation fee and expenses for the tournament.
  • His first opportunity to fight on an international level.
  • Was supposed to go to Nepal for special international standard training but couldn’t go due to earthquake. The whole facility was destroyed in the quake.
  • Has won 14 medals (26 certificates) by the age of 18years, out of which 3 are national medals, 1 bronze, 2 silver.
  • He is the first player from Gujarat to fight in below 70kg category in Georgia in July 2015.
  • 1st player from Gujarat in Indian Team.
  • 1st player from Gujarat to participate and win Bronze medal in Federation Cup of India 2014.
  • Has been trained in Ahmedabad without the availability of ring and mates actually played on in the match.
  • No rings for such matches in Gujarat. Rings available mostly in Northern India.


  1. 500 - Post card with my photo from the match personally signed by me.
  2. 1000 - Exercise Kit (Forearms, Skipping, Shakers) + Diet Chart
  3. 2000 – any three types of chart (Core Workout Chart + Diet Chart + Weight loss Chart + Stretching chart + Gym Work out Chart)
  4. 5000 – Exercise Kit + 1 week training + any two chart (Diet Chart + Stretching Chart)
  5. 10000- Personal training to you or a group of people after I come back from the match. (1 month Training weekly 3 days)
  6. 20000- My personal boxing gear from the match. (Red or Black)
  7. 30000- Invitation to the Media Interview, Company Promotion (Banners)
  8. 50000- Full set of International Fighting Kit (Punching Bag, Head Guard, Boxing gloves, Teeth Guard, banded, USI boxing pads, Chest Guard, T-shirt)

Risks and challenges

Challenge: Competing at International event at an age of 18 years.

Risk: The main risk in the this ia getting hurt. WUSHU involves some hardcore moves and there is risk of getting hurt seriously.


Where will the training be provided ?
Personal training will be provided in ahmedabad only, whereas online training will be provided all over India.