Round Table Car Rally

by: Amit jain

Launched Date on: 01-02-14

Funding Ends: 17-02-14

“Round Table Car Rally ” is an adventure where you take the challenge to drive with a blind navigator and the route map is in 'braille'

About Project

“This is not a Race”

Race is only about Speed, but here Rally is much more complex sport or event. In this event every minute a single car is flagged off. It requires skills:

- Acute sense of direction
- Ability of mental arithmetic
- Controlled driving skills
- Good Reflexes
- Coordination of skills like listening , calculating, visualizing , driving .

It is an exceptional situation where the sighted driver is totally dependent on the blind navigator to make his way through the course. The USP of this event is ''BLIND NAVIGATES YOU DRIVE”. It creates an environment where people get to remove their inhibitions and communicate with each other.It is an initiative to come closer to BLIND persons and build an emotional bridge. More than 125 cars participate in this Car Rally. Drivers skills are tested as per Time , Speed and distance measurements provided; however, the entire route is in Braille which only a blind navigator understands.

What makes this rally unique?

The Round Table Car Rally, will be a half a day long exciting family event. It is a unique concept based rally where the participant (driver) would drive with the instructions from a visually impaired (navigator) with a Braille route chart. The navigator will give step-by-step driving directions through a series of check points to their sighted partners behind the wheel during the time-speed-distance (TSD) car rally.

TSD CAR RALLY Format: What is a TSD Rally?

In a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) Road Rally, each team of minimum two people (driver and navigator) is given a set of route directions to follow, and the speeds at which they should travel the route.

We are members of Round Table India, An organization of non-political and non-sectarian men (who mandatory retire by the age of 40 years) do organize Blind Car Rally for the last 17 years and our motto of conducting this event is in pursuit of educating underprivileged children. ''Freedom Through Education'' is one of our main long tern projects.

This is the 18th Signature event , to be held on Sunday , the 16th February 2014 with the slogan ''Conecting Ahmadabad'' , starting from Sabarmati River Front and the route is designed for you to drive 70 Kilometers in Ahmedabad , discovering places you never have seen.



A picture of the fun at flag off:




Funding :

Any one who wants to be a part of our cause can join us via contributing little amounts and be a part of the fun rally we organize. The Rally is organized to collect funds and from such funds collected all these years, we have been able to build 1694 school , since 1998 in India, educating approximately 51,00,0000 underprivileged children at a cost of Rs 125 Crores. The surplus from the event will be utilized towards building schools for the underprivileged children of our country.


Rs 2000 - Become a Rally Driver + Rally Kit (Certificate+Photo+T'shirt+Cap)
Rs 3000 - Become a Rally Driver + Dinner for one at Radission + Momento + Rally Kit
Rs 5000 – Become a Rally Driver + Dinner for couple at Radission + Momento on stage + Choose your favorite number / or select your number if you wanna start early.



How we are helping and working together with Blind People Association (BPA)?

First and foremost, A blind person shares the experience of the rally as your team member and gets to have a lot of fun with you.

Our team has identified NAAZ Blind People Association School at Pirana, Piplaj where a lot of students from various backgrounds come and avail education, the facilities at the school right now are in really bad shape and we have taken it upon ourselves to rebuild the school infrastructure and create a set of 10  new classrooms with modern day facilities taking our motto “FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION” ahead.

In the past we had similarly concentrated on a project at “JASRA Blind People Association School (BPA)” for a few years to deliver quality education  to the under-privileged , and the school now being used by children of various villages in the radius of 8 kilometers of that region.

Advait Vidhya Mandir, Jasra, Deesa :




We successfully developed Advait Vidhya Mandir:



Who is organizing this event:

The team of ART40 which is a part of Round Table India with the help of experienced professionals organizes this event and the list of members is as below:

  • Amit Jain
  • Satyarawat Arya  
  • Utkarsh Jani
  • Ankit Agarwal
  • Abhishek Goyal
  • Ankit Parikh
  • Amit Kariwala
  • Vinit Parikh
  • Niral Shah
  • Animesh Damani
  • Abhijeet Mehta
  • Harsh Shah

For Contribution and Registration Contact: 08460020214

Where to register or contribute:

Contribute Generously With the zeal of doing bit for the society and supporting a great cause.”

PS: Start51 understand this event is being done with a noble core, thus the funds received for this event will fully go to ART40 Foundation . 

Risks and challenges

All permissions from the municipality and police have been taken for the designed route of 70 Kilometers for the rally. The challenge will be to organize the safety and well being of all the rally drivers and the BPA navigator. The communication between navigator and driver is going to be difficult at the same time the fun part of the event.

Post the event our team will work rigorously to beat every challenge that comes our way in developing the NAAZ (BPA) school from almost scratch to a modern day facilities.