Creative Catapult at FURSAT SE

by: Amrita Bhasin

Launched Date on: 24-01-15

Funding Ends: 16-03-15

A non-profit café/safe space which promotes artists and is dedicated to the concept that people should be allowed to be themselves

About Project

A non-profit café/safe space which promotes artists and works on the ‘pay-as-you-like’ (tip box) model, Fursat Se is a cultural café, a collaborative art, performance and conversation space, and a lot more! This cozy little café on a Shahpur Jat terrace in New Delhi is dedicated to the proposition that people should be allowed to be themselves and every form of art must be appreciated. Today, we need your help.

Fursat Se was born out of a series of conversations. And that's how we define ourselves and what constitutes the core of our spirit. We're a bunch of people from different walks of life who believe in the power of a good, old-fashioned, uninhibited conversation. We are a queer-friendly, prejudice free, open-minded and culturally diverse group of people waiting for you in the sun. So go ahead, be yourself, come and share your thoughts over chai with us!

In addition to being a safe place to socialize in, we're also a melting pot of artists, poets, freethinkers and authors. We host a wide variety of events which help in creating an environment conducive to art, expression and talent. From poetry slams, to charity events involving building children's libraries, to rehearsal space for local theater groups, we provide a nurturing incubation to all kinds of talents and media for expression. Money and privilege don't factor in here. The only thing that matters is your talent, and your need to express. If you have that, we'll provide you with a medium to exhibit your talent.

The best and the most unique thing about Fursat Se is our business model. In that, we don't have any. Seriously. We're not a business. We are a community. We organize cool events on a voluntary contribution basis. We've organized stand-up comedy events, poetry slams, book clubs, seminars and art exhibitions on a simple concept.

Our major events over the past one year were:

1. Art exhibitions

2. Open and safe space for discussions on gender and sexual health issues

3. Poetry and stand-up comedy open mics

4. Open trunk initiative: collecting and distributing clothes, books, stationery, eatables, etc., and distributing them to children who need them.

If you still are wondering what we are all about, then here are a few pictures to help you along

We promote art and artists...

...not just the canvas kinds (Even our doodles will tell you a story).

Sometimes the message is personal...

...and other times its for the 'Many'.

Whatever your cause, if you have a message you want to share, we have a platform for your voice to be heard..

So do come and visit us for a nice cup of tea and some brilliant conversation...

If you like our idea then visit our café/check out our facebook page.

If you like what you see then help us run the café.

It doesn't get simpler than this, because your contributions pay our rent, keep our lights on, doors open and help us be the awesome cradle of talent, openness and non-corporate community that we are.

Risks and challenges

As a non-profit, the biggest challenge we face is in providing an avenue for the multitude of artists/ creatisans who now form a part of the community.

The biggest risk we face is commercialisation and the issues which arise from the same, but we would like to see this model taken as far as we can to help every artist potentially reach his/ her full potential