An Unplanned Cycle Journey From Ahmedabad To Leh by Bicycle

by: Himanshu Singh

Launched Date on: 31-10-13

Funding Ends: 04-01-14

My next exciting journey from Ahmedabad to Leh and back with Bicycle by meeting ,exploring , capturing life in just 45 days.

About Project

Mr. Himanshu Singh a young, energetic, ambitious person from Bihar, found home in Ahmedabad, has a passion to do “cycling tour”. He has taken up the challenge individually since 2010 and has been successful in his endeavor so far.

Himanshu Singh’s longest mission has covered nine states which include Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar covering a distance of more than 5850 kms. in 45 days with an expenditure of Rs.900/-. He has termed his mission as “unplanned cycle journey”. During his un-tired journey, he has been successful in visiting rural and urban areas, remote villages and thickly populated cities and come across with people, who differ in their languages, customs, cultures, attitudes. He has mixed experience; sweet, bitter, funny, strange etc. with whom he has interacted and captured moment around them. He had to stay with so many unknown people; sometimes slept in trucks for the heat and at times in 5 stars; sometimes for food but in some places he was welcomed by inquisitive and adventurous people. Even he lost his cycle in an accident, his mobile and camera were stolen in his last journey but due to some good samaritarians he could overcome all these situations.

He believes: “Give respect to everyone whom you meet, naturally people will also give lot of respect and love; when one cyclist is on the road, 120 crore Indians are there to take care”. Cycle is the best media to get connected with lay-man and helps to understand simplicity in the villages, their culture etc.

Mr. Himanshu Singh, the son of a disciplined and courageous retired Army personnel, has the same courage and ambition to continue with his “unplanned cycle journey” keeping the belief “Gati jitni dheemi ho, gyan utna jyada milta hai”.

Mr. Himanshu Singh shares some of his experience in his own words: (

I met with an accident and my cycle got broke down at a remote place in Kolkata and I was thinking of an alternative mode of transport to return home. I then found few truck drivers to whom I told about the accident and about my journey I was undertaking. I humbly requested them to carry me on their trucks to reach home. Hearing my story, instead of carrying me, they told in their words: ‘BETA TU CYCLE PE AAYA THA AUR TU CYCLE PE HI JAYAGA”. Immediately 20 truck drivers gave Rs.100/- each and one Dhabawala gave Rs.500/-. I pulled in my Rs.600/- and brought a new cycle right there and continued my journey. There is a general (mis)conception about Truck Drivers that they are drunkers with bad habits but this experience has taught me that both good and bad are in people but it is the circumstances that make them good or bad.

On my way in Karnataka, I went to a Restaurant and introduced myself coming from Gujarat and about my mission. The Restaurant owner commented: “Oh! That you are a person of Mr. Narendra Modiji” but I humbly replied: “No, Sir, I am a Bihari and person of Mr. Lalu Prasadji”. Suddenly the attitude of the Restaurant owner changed and he started abusing me. What should I say about it; whether an idol worship or anything else!!

When I was in Hyderabad, I was surprised to see one young woman riding a bullet bike, which generally used by men only. I guessed something special in it and eager to know more about her. On contacting the lady, I gathered the information that she was selected in Indian Air Force but her family did not allow her to join for the only reason that she is a lady. Therefore in order to compete with men she has deliberately chosen the bullet bike. The lady was so impressed that she even gave me a very good treat, which I cannot forget.

Of course, there are many more instances like those mentioned above. I wish to capture the natural beauties and the benevolent people who have supported my journey with the help of a camera and share it with you. I now need a camera and device to share my experience at each destination of my journey and also to go ahead with my passion and mission of cycling to Ladakh and may be Sikkim over the snow mountains as “CYCLE KAHIN BHI JA SAKTI HAI”


0. Started his first journey with just Rs.20/- in his pocket and on a rusted cycle made out of scrap

1. Discovered that wet newspaper can be used to make tubeless tyres, on Goa to Bangalore Highway (when original cycle tyre bursted)

2. Stayed with “Adivasi Tribe of Odissa” (250 km before Khadakpur)

3. Had tasted 12 different types of Rasgullas of Kolkata

4. Beaten up by the army wrongly thinking him a naxalite

5. People had thrown at him Numbu & Mirchi (Lemon & Chilly) believing him a “Ghost” riding in the dark jungles of Kudarma forest, Bihar.

6. Travelled 9 states in 45 days with just Rs.1500/- in his pocket

7. Travelled from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in one and a half day

8. “GO GREEN; SAY NO TO FUEL”. Inspired a factory at Nasik to make Saturdays as “NO FUEL DAY” (compulsory cycle day) for its 200 plus work force

9. Has clicked more than 1000 photos using “self-timer”.

10. Crowd Funded by 20 truck drivers and Dhabawallas collecting Rs.100/- each for a new cycle after meeting with an accident in Kolkata

In addition, he has covered a distance of 300 kms from Goa to Mangalore less than a day; given autographs to students of DAV public school; celebrated birthday with 40 passengers on his way from Kota to Udaipur who also have offered a party to him; shared a 70 year old silver hukka with locals of Bilaspur to beat the chill; rode cycle in Sabarmati river for about 4 kms . and there are so many such thrilling experiences.

So many times I fall but “ Every time I fall in love with my Bicycle”

Why I need money:

1- To gather the resources to make my journey successful

2- To buy a camera+phone to capture my experiences & blog then with you on the move.

Total Estimated Cost: Rs 15000/-

3- Cycling gear :

         a- Cycle repair expenses (Rs 3000-4000)

         b- Sleeping bag (Rs 3000-4000) as I will be traveling  on snow

         c- Warm jacket (Rs3000-4000)

         d- Full body suit (Rs 2000)

         f- T-shirt

Total Estimation Cost :Rs 30000 /- including above.

4 – Cycle of My Choice

Estimation Cost : Rs 60000

(Right now I have Robin-hood Cycle, which someone gifted me)

Any leftover money will be used to fund more and extra reward incentives for you, my contributors. The first goal of this campaign is to make this journey special for our fans and if the demand is high enough the additional funds will then go into producing extra exciting rewards and moments.

It is enough to start a journey with your blessings and a camera+smart phone and about my bicycle.

"Money will never stuck me because my Bicycle runs on my confidence"

Lack of resources make my journey more awesome..I didn't want comfort trip...looking forward for adventurous journey :-)


Risks and challenges

I'm really excited about this journey. It's a fantastic journey that will appeal to bicycle enthusiasts and adventure travel enthusiasts. The real challenge now is in making this journey and Start51 campaign successful as it will take 45 days to complete my journey and during this lots of barriers need to be face due to winter season. I need your support, but I also need your help in spreading the word about this exciting journey and its campaign, whether it be by word of mouth or using social media and the website. I am confident that with your help, we can make this journey successful.

I will personally be in charge of packaging and shipping out all pledge rewards as soon as the journey has ended.