What is Crowd-Funding

Online Fund Raising India

How can you be a valuable "Patron or Contributor" ?

Start51 is an all new way of commerce and philanthropy. In the society we live, the best way to better it is inspire the people who are enthusiastic to work for society. Giving away the funds to required people shall offer them great rewards. While giving donations and funds to charity, non-government organizations and other firms do not ensure proper utilization, Start51 is transparent, clear and open. Spend some quality time brainstorming some of the most innovative projects on the site and fund them. Not only your money will be used for all good reasons but you'll also find the best way to add merit to your life.

The potential of Start51 !

Every month, hundreds of thousands of people visit Start51 to look for sharing their innovative ideas and get the funds so that they can proceed. Nevertheless, momentum always begins with people you are acquainted with. Who? Your friends, family members, people in your professional or personal circie and finally for those all who are active in our societies and communities.

Start51 is all about bringing that project to potential fund givers like you. If you like it, you may fund and help spread it to your friends and fans, and so on and so on. An innovative idea will then get strong wings to travel miles and miles.