How works? works as a platform for a wide range of creative projects that can collect contribution at any given moment. Projects can be independent idea or a joint venture. It works in the direction of supporting common people with unique concept. It provides a platform to highlight their skills and ideas. The creators of projects can be filmmakers, musicians, artists, designers, etc.

At, the owner of the project has a complete control and responsibility of the project. Profit is built over weeks by creating videos, brainstorming on the reward offerings to contributors, and making project pages. Once the project is prepared and approved, the creator launches the project and shares it on their social network.

The project creator sets a financial ‘TARGET’, and has 51 days to collect contribution. If people like the concept, they will come forward to contribute to make it real. If the project succeeds and reaches its target within the stipulated time, then the project creator gets the entire amount collected by contribution. In case, the project falls short of reaching the targeted amount, then funds collected are returned to contributors.