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Week 1: Starting your start-up

Day 1 – Panel Discussion + Introduction to projects and building crowd-funding vision for them.
Day 2 – Identify Stakeholder, what stakeholder want and how to achieve
Day 3 – Build Empathy Map, Journey Map, Mind Map and other design strategy
Day 4 – Build Workflow Model and Future Team Building after fixing early plans
Day 5 – Current available solutions (comparison of your product with it and benchmarking).
Day 6-7 – PPT. Industry Mentor and stakeholder validation, Prototype finalization
Week 2: Incentive design strategy (faculty from Product Design will be involved)
Day 1 – PPT presentation. User experience to types of users and introduction to incentive frame work.
Day 2 – Strategic sourcing\manufacturing strategy
Day 3 – Costing and Legal aspects and ways to build it better
Day 4 – Design Prototype of Rewards making strategy (on paper).
Day 5 – Real world development of incentives (prototype – physical + graphic model).
Day 6-7 – Prototype\Incentive validation online without price.
Week 3: Graphic/Video making (Ad Agency and others will mentor in need)
Day 1 – Logo and branding (what does your logo signify)
Day 2 – Story telling and Graphic representation of story.
Day 3 – Description write-up and Scripting.
Day 4 – Video Making and Editing and Video Presentation
Day 5 – Revision of Video.
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Day 6-7 – Show pitch video to 20 people and mentors, 15+ Positive Feedback and key insights from it, note all user feedback and analysis of the process to better build the value proposition.
Week 4: Go Live for FUNDING
Day 1 – Project live and Social Media Marketing strategy inculcation
Day 2 – Offline marketing and fund drop box at GTU & college presentation.
Day 3 – PR and Media (theoretical and practical aspects)
Day 4 – 10 personal meeting with industry relevant persons for feedback and final touch
Day 5 – selection of Winner ( on basis of Number of supporters of idea , Number of Visitors, Total Amount and Target achieved (percentage of goal targeted) before 12pm In mock try) Closing ceremony with live media, prize distribution by VC, GTU and other experts including investors, mentors etc.