Time is running away catch and watch it

by: jesal patel

Launched Date on: 25-12-13

Funding Ends: 01-03-14

Time is beautiful, valuable and precious but at the same time it is also dangerous solely depending upon the way and how we make it.

About Project


Time is beautiful, valuable and precious but at the same time it is also dangerous solely depending upon the way and how we make it. Time has its own importance in everyone’s life.


I am Jesal Patel, a professional interior designer and my hobby is to design creative products like watches, lamps etc. with used home made products and waste material like PVC Sheets, Acrylic materials, used metals, vehicle parts, cycle wheel spokes, pipes etc.

From my own field of interior design I learnt one very important thing about the value of time e.g. if you cannot deliver particular item at particular time, then you may even lose your job.
Everyone would have watched that while people make their own home, they go for good interior decoration to make it attractive and unique. This has given me an inspiration to design a different type of wall clock to beautify the wall. The design of the clock will show you and feel you every time that time is running away; you have to walk with it and never let it go. This will also remind you about the importance of time in everyone’s life.

Never let time kill you. Always, be a step ahead!


The watch I have developed is exclusively made up of MDF (Card Board Sheets), Eco friendly spray colours and few acrylic materials. I have preferred to use light weight metals so that it can be easily carried and moved if at all required. There is no use of glass and hence no fear of the clock getting broken. Even if the clock got broken, then also it can be easily joined with your own very little efforts and bring it back to its original workable condition. Don’t you feel that it’s a cheap but at the same one unique product?

Everyone has to understand the value of the time and move with it to be comfortable or the time will not only kill you but your desires also. So, never let the time to kill you; always be a step ahead!

"No use of glass that mean no fear of broken of watches"

How does it look on your wall?

Clock Dimensions Available:


Can use the clock at “Soft board” in offices which will need only two thumb pins

Can be used at your study table

Can be used to beautify the indoor walls


I want to make bulk quantity of the above designed product and need funds -

1. To buy MDF Materials, colours, watch Dial and other required parts

2. Laser cutting to be done which is costlier

3. Bulk production of goods needs sufficient funds

4. Designing and developing need extra time and efforts

5. Can use the funds for further experiments with new materials 


Risks and challenges

1. I generally keep all the material with me either in my house or even in office and design the watches whenever I get free time 

2. To carry the parts from one place to another after laser cutting process is done and to gather all parts together

3. After finishing colour spray, it needs extra care and attention to stick all things together in a very proper manner